Representation for the People

  1. Putting the Needs of the People of Winston-Salem First
  2. Term Limits for City Elected Officials

Transparency and Accountability

  1. Transparency of All Public Actions
  2. City Government and Personnel held Accountable for City Policies, Decisions, Actions and Inactions

Integrity and Professionalism

  1. Implementation of Higher Standards of Integrity and Professionalism amongst all City Council Members and City Employees

Jobs and Employment

  1. Aggressive and Effective Program/Partnerships withSmall/ Medium size Businesses
  2. Apprenticeships/Mentoring Programs Partnering with High Schools/ Community Colleges and Universities
  3. Incentives for Businesses Hiring and Partnering with Community Neighborhoods and Organizations


  1. Specific Training/ Internships and Mentoring Programs directly associated with Communities, Neighborhoods and Organizations

Homelessness and Mental Health

  1. Redirection of Funds and Initiatives for Assertive Programs to assist with sustainable jobs and permanent housing
  2. Training/Mentoring Programs with Businesses and Organizations


  1. Priority Funds to Assist Veterans/Families
  2. Specific Programs and Initiatives to assist Veterans with Housing and Employment

Economic Development

  1. Building a Balance of Growth without Displacement
  2. Working with Multiple Businesses throughout the Country and Overseas
  3. Incentive Tax Dollars appropriated to serve the greater need of the Public

Crime Prevention/Drug Intervention

  1. Restructuring of Public Safety Departments and Personnel
  2. Improved Standards and Training to Retain Good Officers
  3. Partnering with Schools/Communities for Early Drug Intervention
  4. Expunging Criminal Records on a Review Basis

Environmental Partnerships

  1. In-depth Focus and Awareness on Energy and Soil Conservation and other Environmental Issues
  2. Incentives for Public/ Businesses and Educational Institutions
  3. Training Programs/Projects within all Communities

Restructuring of City Government Departments and Policies

  1. Open Door Policy
  2. Pay Wages Comparable to Other Cities for City Personnel
  3. Review of Policies

Natural and Emergency Disasters

  1. How to Get Information to the Public
  2. What to Do, Where to Go, How to Survive